Solutions for Craft Breweries

Brewtan B  during mashing-in and at the end of boiling

The combined use of Brewtan® B during mashing-in and at the end of boiling will offer the brewmaster the best of both worlds!

  • The addition at the end of boiling will allow a good colloidal stability early in the process, which can lead to major process improvements downstream.

  • Brewtan® B added during mashing-in will have a positive impact on taste & flavour stability.

Tanal 02 at maturation

Tanal 02 is used as haze enhancer in speciality beers. It will interact with haze sensitive proteins in order to enhance yeast and colloidal suspension in beer.

OakTan range at maturation

Oak tannins are used to mimic barrel ageing. NaturalSpecialities can deliver different qualities based on French or American oak. The OakTan range will bring aromatic (woody) flavours to your beer.

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