Brewtan®, your natural beer stabilizer

High colloidal and flavour stability is considered worldwide as the benchmark of a quality beer. Due to its unique properties, Brewtan® has a positive impact on both of these metrics. Moreover, the use of Brewtan® can lead to important improvements and savings in the brewing process itself.

Brewtan® will selectively react with haze sensitive proteins by adsorption and precipitation. In addition, the Brewtan® products are able to complex metal ions and inhibit the unwanted oxidative reactions associated with them. Last but not least, as Brewtan® is itself a strong natural radical scavenger, it will increase the anti-oxidant potential of the beer helping to preserve both it's colour and the flavour.

This diagrams shows the different ways of incorporation Brewtan® into the brewing process at various stages. This allows brewers to choose the most appropriate grade for their requirements; of course it is also possible to combine two of these methods to give a combination of process and stability benefits.

Over the years different grades of our natural beer stabilizer have been created, all part of the Brewtan® family:

  • Brewtan® B used during mashing-in will mainly have an impact on shelf-life and taste stability and can lead to brewhouse yield increase in specific cases.
  • Brewtan® B used at the end of boiling will act as a prestabiliser. Haze sensitive proteins present at this stage will be removed; which can lead to major process improvements downstream.
  • Brewtan® B can be used simultaneously during mashing- in and at the end of boiling to obtain a combined effect.
  • Brewtan® C is injected in line before maturation. This is an easy and economical solution for a complete background stabilisation.
  • Brewtan® F is injected in line before end filtration (Perlite, Kieselguhr) in order to have a perfect stabilisation without beer losses.
  • Brewtan® is completely removed from the beer during the brewing process and can be used in most geographical regions as processing aid.

For more information about our innovative natural beer stabilizer, please visit our download section or ask for  more information.

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