Brewery - Brewtan "Bright Ideas for Brilliant Beers"

Colloidal (haze) and flavour (taste) stability of beer is considered worldwide as the label of quality of a beer. Due to its unique properties Brewtan has a positive impact on both quality metrics.

Brewtan B, Brewtan C and Brewtan F ,very specific gallotannins, react with the haze sensitive proteins (proteins rich in proline) and SH-group containing proteins by adsorption and precipitation. In addition to the interaction with these proteins, the Brewtan products are able to complex iron and as a consequence inhibit the Fenton oxidation reaction.

Brewtan B brings the stabilisation upstream in the brewing process, with an increase in flavour stability when used in mashing in and an increase in colloidal stability when used in boiling. Brewtan B can also be used simultaneously in mashing and boiling.

Brewtan C is injected proportionally in line before maturation or settling tanks. This is an easy and economical solution for a complete or a steady background stabilisation.

Brewtan F is injected in line before end clarification with a filter (Perlite, Kieselguhr) in order to have a perfect stabilization without beer losses


The diagram below shows the different ways of incorporating gallotannins into the brewing process. This allows brewers to choose the most appropriate product for their requirements, it is also possible to combine two or more of these methods to give a combination of process and stability benefits.