The fastness of dyed goods towards (repeated) washing, chlorine bleaching and fastness against staining has become increasingly important in response to increased consumer and retailer demands.

Although synthetic tannins (syntans) can be used, gallotannins (Textan range) is clearly more performing compared to syntan-based methods. The application profile closely resembles typical commercial syntan processes and has few of the side effects associated with the traditional full backtan.

Contrary to synthetic alternatives the protection provided by the OmniChem system is long lasting, and even after multiple washes significant levels of activity remain.

Textan products are therefore products of choice to impact wash fastness, chlorine protection or anti-staining properties on polyamide fabrics or carpets.

Textan are used for :

  • Color backtanning on nylon, silk, etc.
  • Chlorine fastness on lycra, viscose, etc.
  • Strengthening synthetic fibers