Tannins derivates


Tannins are very much appreciated for their multifunctionality: they have a variety of interesting properties of which tanning, the capacity to form strong complexes with proteins, is only one. Tannins show activities as antioxidant, radical scavenger, antibacterial agent, and metal complexating agent.

OmniChem combines its know-how in the production of high quality tannins with its experience in the synthetic field to obtain a new class of compounds.

Tannins phosphates

By using its patented phosphorylation technology Ajinomoto OmniChem has created a number of phosphate derivatives of naturally occuring polyphenols. Through this modification polyphenols can be stabilized against unwanted degradation or they can be formulated into slow-release formulations. This versatile technology allows us to phosphorylate a wide range of polyphenols as well as to control the degree of phosphorylation.

Such modified products find uses in application fields such as textiles, nutraceuticals or cosmetics.

Currently one product has been scaled to production: resveratrol triphosphate.

Tannins esters

Most tannins are only soluble in polar medium, which restricts their use. To overcome this issue, OmniChem has set up a program to prepare esters of both hydrolysable and condensed tannins with fatty acids to obtain tannin derivatives that can be used in apolar medium.

OmniChem has prepared a range of esters of both hydrolysable and condensed tannins using various methodologies.

Two particular products have been scaled starting from hydrolysable gallnut tannin: the tannin oleate (TANOL) and the tannin palmitate (TAPA).

OmniChem advises tannin esters whenever regular tannins cannot be used due to solubility reasons or due to the specific properties of the fatty esters. OmniChem is keen to discuss with interested customers and to develop the desired product.