Products List


You can download hereafter our products data-sheets in PDF (). It will give you a first overview of our products characteristics and end-uses.

An overview of the full product range is also available here.

Since we have changed some names & references of our tannic acids a conversion table can be dowloaded here.

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 > Brewery  Brewtan A  
 Tannic acids  Brewtan B  
   Brewtan C 
   Brewtan F 
 > Oenology  Tanal W1 
 Tannic acids  Tanal W2 
   Tanal W4 
   Tanal QW2 
   Tanal QCT 
   Tanal QCTN 
 Grape seed extracts  OmniVin R 
   OmniVin 10R 
   OmniVin WG 
 > Food & flavours  Tanal 01 
 Tannic acids  Tanal 02 
   Tanal 04   
 > Nutraceuticals  OmniVin WG 
 Grape seed extracts  OmniVin 20R 
 > Pharma  Alsok 01 
 Tannic acids  Alsok 02 
   Alsok 04 
   Alsok DAB7 
   Pentagalloyl glucose (PGG) 
> Flock finishing  Floctan 1 
 Tannic acids  Floctan 2 
   Floctan 2 NF 
   Floctan 3 
   Floctan 3 NF 
>Backtanning Textan 1
 Tannic acids Textan 2   
  Textan 3 
  Textan 3SP   
> Other technical uses  Tanex 20   
 Tannic acids  Tanex 30
   Tanex 31   
   Tanex 40