Pentagalloyl Glucose (PGG)


Chemically hydrolysable tannins are mix-tures of polygalloyl glucoses and/or poly-galloyl quinic acid derivatives containing in between 3 up to 12 gallic acid residues per molecule. Considering that some of these entities exist in different isomers it is not surprising that commercial tannins are mixtures of dozens of closely related yet different chemicals.

Although in technical application this molecular weight distribution can represents an advantage, for pharmaceutical end-uses this is clearly not the case as knowledge of the impurity profile is an absolute prerequisite.

To address these problems OmniChem can separate pentagalloylglucose (PGG) from its tannic acid matrix with a purity > 95 %. PGG can be present in natural hydrolysable tannins in amounts in excess of 20 % and as such is one of the major constituents. The molecular weight of PGG also closely resembles the average molecular weight of many commercial tannins. Therefore PGG is an excellent alternative for hydrolysable commercial tannins due to its similar chemistry and molecular weight but without the ill-defined impurities.