Oak tannins (OakTan)


The use of Oak for making barrels is a practice dating back to antiquity. Oak was chosen because of its tight-grained wood allowing for the production of leak-proof barrels. It was only much later that it occurred to people that (prolonged) storage of wine in Oak vessels contributed highly to the taste profile of the final wine. Polyphenols present in Oak wood are primarily responsible for these taste modifications.

For the production of Oaktan we select wood from the same forests as the Oak used for barrel making, and only mature heartwood is acceptable. To further mimic the barrel making process the Oaktan grades can be delivered in both a toasted and a non-toasted variety.

Our range of oak tannins includes 2 different products:

  • Oaktan FU - French oak untoasted
  • Oaktan FT - French oak toasted