Brewtan®, your natural beer stabilizer

High colloidal and flavour stability is considered worldwide as the benchmark of a quality beer. Due to its unique properties, Brewtan® has a positive impact on both of these metrics. Moreover, the use of Brewtan® can lead to important improvements and savings in the brewing process itself.

Brewtan® will selectively react with haze sensitive proteins by adsorption and precipitation. In addition, the Brewtan® products are able to complex metal ions and inhibit the unwanted oxidative reactions associated with them. Last but not least, as Brewtan® is itself a strong natural radical scavenger, it will increase the anti-oxidant potential of the beer helping to preserve both it's colour and the flavour.

This diagrams shows the different ways of incorporation Brewtan® into the brewing process at various stages. This allows brewers to choose the most appropriate grade for their requirements; of course it is also possible to combine two of these methods to give a combination of process and stability benefits.

Over the years different grades of our natural beer stabilizer have been created, all part of the Brewtan® family:

  • Brewtan® B used during mashing-in will mainly have an impact on shelf-life and taste stability and can lead to brewhouse yield increase in specific cases.
  • Brewtan® B used at the end of boiling will act as a prestabiliser. Haze sensitive proteins present at this stage will be removed; which can lead to major process improvements downstream.
  • Brewtan® B can be used simultaneously during mashing- in and at the end of boiling to obtain a combined effect.
  • Brewtan® C is injected in line before maturation. This is an easy and economical solution for a complete background stabilisation.
  • Brewtan® F is injected in line before end filtration (Perlite, Kieselguhr) in order to have a perfect stabilisation without beer losses.
  • Brewtan® is completely removed from the beer during the brewing process and can be used in most geographical regions as processing aid.

For more information about our innovative natural beer stabilizer, please visit our download section or ask for  more information.

New! Solutions for craft breweries

Solutions for Craft Breweries

Brewtan B  during mashing-in and at the end of boiling

The combined use of Brewtan® B during mashing-in and at the end of boiling will offer the brewmaster the best of both worlds!

  • The addition at the end of boiling will allow a good colloidal stability early in the process, which can lead to major process improvements downstream.

  • Brewtan® B added during mashing-in will have a positive impact on taste & flavour stability.

Tanal 02 at maturation

Tanal 02 is used as haze enhancer in speciality beers. It will interact with haze sensitive proteins in order to enhance yeast and colloidal suspension in beer.

OakTan range at maturation

Oak tannins are used to mimic barrel ageing. NaturalSpecialities can deliver different qualities based on French or American oak. The OakTan range will bring aromatic (woody) flavours to your beer.

For more information, send us a message via our contact form.


The use of gallotannins in feed formulations for poultry and pigs can enhance growth and fattening rates with or without reduced use of antibiotic. Gallotannins have beneficial properties in the combat against ETEC (Enterotoxicogenic E.coli) induced diarrhoea in piglets.

In pet food, tannic acid is an all natural alternative for synthetic anti-oxidants such as BHA, BHT, TBHQ or ethoxyquine.

The OmniVin range has applications as radical scavenger and flavouring ingredient in animal nutrition.



Rust conversion

The Tanex range of products is widely used in the formulation of acidic rust converter formulations. They can be used to formulate both resin-free pre-treatment solutions and acid-compatible water based film forming formulations.

By binding and converting poorly adhering iron oxides into more stable iron tannate complexes tannic acid based pre-treatments improve anti-corrosion resistance of new or old cast iron or iron work surfaces.

Boiler water treatment

The following tannic acid properties are of concern for water treatment purposes:

  • Oxygen scavenging
  • Preventing scale formation
  • Metal complexation

The Tanex range combines these 3 properties in one product, therefore allowing for simple formulated end products containing as few raw materials as possible.

For more detailed information, please visit our download section or request more information.


Flock finishing

Most of the flock activation systems used today for both AC and DC applications are tannin based processes, guaranteeing good and long-lasting activity, superior flock density and good handling properties.

NaturalSpecialities has developed a full range of gallotannins (Floctan range), offering the guarantee of an efficient process for the preparation of moisture stable conductive flocks from nylon, rayon and polyester, etc.


The fastness of dyed goods toward (repeated) washing, chlorine bleaching and fastness against staining has become increasingly important in response to increased consumer and retailer demands.

Although synthetic alternatives are on the market, gallotannins are clearly better performing. NaturalSpecialities has created specifically for this market the Textan range.

For more detailed information, please visit our download section or request more information.

Food & flavour

Gallotannins are mutifunctional ingredients. The diagram shows the 4 major properties of the gallotannins for food applications.

Protein binding

Hydrolysable tannins are excellent protein binders through complex formation. They are able to remove undesired proteins and denaturate certain enzymes. In soft drinks and juices, Tanal 01, can be used as stabilising and clarification aid. This is usually accomplished by injecting a Tanal 01 solution followed by the addition of gelatine.

Metal complexation

Gallotannins are strong metal chelators. Adding a suitable amount of tannic acid will help to prevent oxidative reactions linked to free metal ions.

  • Example: Tanal 02 can help to reduce the mineral taste found in some fruit juices
  • Example: Tanal 04 is used to remove excessive amounts of iron or other heavy metals in sugar refining

Radical scavenging

Tanal 01 and Tanal 02 are excellent radical scavengers as such they will help with:

  • Improving the shelf-life, taste and colour of for example fruit juices
  • In emulsions, Tanal 01  can help to improve the stability and reduce off-flavour formation and rancidity
  • In specific matrixes, gallotannins (usually Tanal 02 ) will help to improve the stability of natural colorants

 Tanal 01 and 02 can be added as a functional source in health fortified beverages.

Taste & mouth feel

Gallotannins can be used to adjust or compensate flavour fluctuations in beverages. Depending on the crop and climatic conditions, juices (e.g. grape, berry,...) can contain different tannin levels one year to the next. Tanal 02 can help to stabilise the tannin content.

Tanal 04 can be used as a flavouring ingredient to impart the typical mouth feel, dryness and astringency associated with tannins. Typical applications are use in ice-tea type beverages, grape or berry juices, energy drinks, chocolate milk, solid flavoured drink powders,...

Tanal 02 can act as a taste masking agent. By using high-potent sweeteners combined with gallotannins, a taste profile more close to the taste profile of sugar can be obtained.

  • Mask undesired taste components linked to artificial sweeteners
  • Reduce the lingering sweet aftertaste of high potent sweeteners

For more detailed information, please visit our download section or request more information.


NaturalSpecialities can offer fermentation, clarification, finishing and blending tannins.

  • Fermentation tannins
    Used on the grapes during crushing or can be added to the juice or must during maceration or fermentation in order to stabilise colour
    Tanal QCT - Tanal QCTN - Tanal WB
  • Clarification tannins
    Tanal W1 is used as a clarification aid by eliminating haze sensitive proteins
  • Finishing tannins
    Added at the end of maturation or just before bottling for taste modification
    1. Gallotannins
      Tanal W2 - Tanal W4
    2. Grape seed extracts
      OmniVin 10R - OmniVin WG
    3. Oak extracts
      Oak extracts are used as taste modification aid in red wines. OakTan will introduce aromatic wood notes in wines. The maturation time can thereby be reduced, allowing for a faster introduction of the wine to the customer. Different grades are available based on American or French oak, toasted or untoasted oak

  • Blending ingredients
    OmniVin R - Tanal QW - Tanal CW

Would you like to receive mor information regarding our wine qualities? Please send us a message.


NaturalSpecialities has developed a range of grape seed extracts suited for all applications and budgets.

OmniVin 20R can be used as a very strong polyphenolic radical scavenger alone or in combination with anti-oxidants, e.g. vitamin C or E. It is claimed that synergistic effects can be obtained when using such ingredients together. In cost sensitive formulations the use of OmniVin 10R or OmniVin R is recommended.

Both OmniVin 20R and OmniVin WG are used in cosmetic skin-care formulations to impart anti-oxidant or anti-ageing effects to lotions or creams. It is also useful as an adjuvant in sun-screen formulations where it can help reduce UV induced skin damage.

For more detailed information, please visit our download section or request more information.


The medicinal use of tannins dates back thousands of years. Use of gallotannins in pharma applications include:

  • Anti-diarrhoea compositions
  • Excipients for API-tannates
  • Inflammatory skin conditions

The Alsok range is in correspondence with different Pharmacopoeias. Please contact our Application Department for any question about the usage of our gallotannins for pharmaceutical purposes. 


Hydrolysable tannins are mixtures of polygalloyl glucoses and/or polygalloyl quinic acid oligomers with a degree of polymerisation in between 3 and 12. Consequently commercial tannic acid is mixtures of dozens of closely related yet different entities.

Although in some applications this distribution is an advantage, for specific pharmaceutical end-uses this is clearly not the case as knowledge of these impurities is an absolute prerequisite.

To address these problems, NaturalSpecialities developed a procedure to separate pentagalloylglucose (PGG) from its tannic acid matrix with purity over 95%. PGG is an excellent alternative for hydrolysable commercial tannic acids due to its similar physico-chemical properties but without the ill-defined composition.

The statements on this website have not been evaluated by FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

For more detailed information, please visit our download section or request more information.

Our products

The word tannin covers a wide variety of products, usually classified in two families: the condensed and the hydrolysable tannins. In nature the condensed tannins are the most abundant and can be found – usually at low concentrations – in a large number of plant genera. Our grape seed extracts belong to this family of tannins.

Hydrolysable tannins are far less abundant and only a limited number of plants contain sufficient amounts of these products to be of commercial value. In this family, the distinction between ellagitannins and gallotannins can be made. Wood extracts, like for example oak extract or chestnut extract belong to the group of the ellagitannins.

NaturalSpecialities is the world leader in the production of gallotannins or tannic acid. Only 4 botanical raw materials can be used for the production of gallotannins:

  • Aleppo Gallnuts - Quercus infectoria
  • Chinese Gallnuts - Rhus semialata
  • Sumac leaves - Rhus coriaria, typhina
  • Tara pods - Caesalpina spinosa

Depending on the raw material, production and purification process, NaturalSpecialities has developed a large range of tannins, suitable for different markets:


About Us

NaturalSpecialities is a business line of Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services and the Belgian affiliate of the Ajinomoto Group companies, which operate more than 100 manufacturing facilities ans supporting offices globally.

The NaturalSpecialities business was started more than 70 years ago, when our first extraction plant was built on the Wetteren site. Our highly skilled and experienced chemists specialize in the extraction, purification and hemi-synthesis of botanicals, as well as fermentation derived products.

Since 1947, NaturalSpecialities has been producing tannins for various industries from brewing, wine and food flavours, to textiles, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

Today, NaturalSpecialities is the leading producer of polyphenol in throughout world.

Our current range of products include :

  • Gallotannins / tannic acids
  • Grape seed extract
  • Wood tannins

In addition to our own product range, we offer as well contract manufacturing. Please visit our CMO homepage for more information.

Management Systems

NaturalSpecialities thrives on the manufacturing of safe and healthy products in food and feed applications.

Complying with the current national and international legislation, Ajinomoto NaturalSpecialities is licensed by the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain as a food and feed operator, with the key factors HACCP and full tracability being in place and in use.

The NaturalSpecialities Quality System is based on the corporate Ajinomoto System of Quality Assurance (ASQUA), as the activity of NaturalSpecialities matches perfectly with business of Ajinomoto.

To ensure the Reliable Supply of Safe and Effective Products & Services, mentioned in the Quality Policy, Ajinomoto NaturalSpecialities has a certification for the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Standard, issued by the international accredited Lloyd's Register.

Because sustainable development is the only way to secure the future of our company we take into consideration our possible impact on our health, safety and environment.

We realize this by application of the best available technology and an environmental care management system certified under the ISO14001 standard.

ISO 14001:2015

Project Management

NaturalSpecialities’ project management teams are focused on meeting the needs of our clients and their products. From project kick-off through final product shipment, and all the milestones in between, we work to balance the needs and expectations of stakeholders while focusing on the end goal: high quality products.

The project management teams are focused on product quality. As product champions, we are driven to meet client expectations. Our goal is to provide clear, honest, and timely communication to our clients. We work diligently to meet and exceed the expectations of stakeholders by applying practical and innovative project management tools. We aim to effectively manage change and anticipate unforeseen events.

We collaborate with all departments within NaturalSpecialities to balance the needs and expectations of all stakeholders to focus on consistently delivering quality products.

We develop lasting, trusted relationships with our clients by personalizing our approach and providing guidance and resources to produce high quality products, on time and within budget.

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