Created: Tuesday, 01 October 2019 13:02

New! Brewtan® for use on beer membrane filtration system

Brewtan® is a well-known natural processing aid for the brewing industry. Major applications are the use in the brewhouse for organoleptic stabilisation and process improvements, and the use at end filtration for colloidal stabilisation. Recent years, the use of Pentair beer membrane filtration systems (BMF) is gaining more and more ground in the market place, with an equal amount of new investments compared to conventional filter aid filtration.

Ajinomoto NaturalSpecialities is proud to announce that is has recently developed a Brewtan® grade compatible with this technology: Brewtan® MF

Brewtan® MF has no impact on the membrane and has the following benefits compared to classic stabilisers:

  • Short contact time, which means that Brewtan® MF does not require a holding time in the unfiltered beer tank
  • Low dosage rate required, resulting in a significant lower solid load on the BMF, which will support potential longer filter runs

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