Today Ajinomoto NaturalSpecialities has become a worldwide leading supplier of polyphenols and more specifically hydrolysable tannins also known as gallotannins.

We have acquired unique and unsurpassed expertise in the tannic acid chemistry and the industrial application of hydrolysable tannins.

Ajinomoto OmniChem is the only company in the world covering almost the entire range of raw materials available to industry, allowing us to market a very broad product portfolio. Not only does our range include tannins originating from a single plant source but also blended products are available. This allows us to offer the best technical solution for any given application.

Our range of products include various types of polyphenols:
Tannic acid (hydrolysable polyphenols) also known as  gallotannins
Grape seed extracts - our OmnVin range
Oak tannins: OakTan

Please refer to our detailed product list for more information.

Our tannins and polyphenols are available for different applications:
Food & flavours 
Nutraceuticals (dietary supplements)
Flock industry