Research & Development


Our multi-disciplinary R&D team comprises 11 people fully dedicated
to NaturalSpecialities.

Our know-how and expertise focus on 4 main areas:

Process development

Preparation of raw materials: milling, cell disruption, palletizing
Extraction: batch and continuous solid-liquid extraction
Purification: liquid-liquid extraction, chromatography, crystallization, ion exchange,
ultra filtration
Finishing: filtration, centrifugation, evaporation, stray drying, drying


Technology development

Preparative High Pressure Chromatography
Crystallization monitoring (Lasentech)
Membrane separations
Enzyme reactions


Analytical development

Chromatography: TLC (+ densitometry), gas chromatography (FID-TCD-MS), high pressure liquid chromatography (UV-ELSD-MS)
Spectroscopy: MS, NMR, IR, UV
Other: Rancimat, particle size distribution
Specific methods: Off flavor analysis, antioxidant (Rancimat, Trolox), ion selective surfactant measurement, tristimulus measurement, turbidimetry


Application development

Beer stability: organoleptic tests, colloidal stability
Textile treatment: fastness testing, color stability, electrostatic property test, sift ability