With our first extraction plant built in 1947, Ajinomoto NaturalSpecialities has gained significant and exhaustive experience and expertise in the extraction, purification and hemi-synthesis of botanicals.

Fundamental R&D, process and product development, and marketing are supported internally by a multi-disciplinary team including chemists, engineers and marketers.

Besides our contract manufacturing activities (see "Extraction of botanicals") we have developed our own range of natural specialities that is marketed world-wide through a network of dedicated specialists.

Our current range of products include :

gallotannins / tannic acids
grape seed extract
oak tannins

Our target markets cover brewery, oenology, food & flavours, nutraceuticals,
cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals as well as the textile industry for some of our gallotannins.

Ajinomoto OmniChem was established in 1778 as a black powder producing company "Cooppal & Cie".

As the company evolved new activities were initiated and others abandoned: black powder production was decommissioned in 1969 and tannic acid extraction was commenced shortly after WW 2 (1947). 


Industrial Equipment Product Line
Batch extraction solid/liquid
Tannins for non-food apllications
Continuous extraction plant I (1-3T/day)
Continuous extraction plant II (20T/day)
Food-grade products e.g. tannin and hops
Extraction plant I and II from dedictated
to multipurpose
Standardized extracts and pharma-grade
products and intermediates
Continuous liquid/liquid extraction 5000l/h
Contract extraction of fermentation broth, natural dyes and aromas
Finishing area
Active Pharm-ingredients
Spray dryer for "instant" quality
Dust-free products for food and non-food markets
Preparative HPLC
Purified products & intermediates
Preparative HPLC